About Netscendence

Well fair play to you…you’re definitely checking out the full website if you’ve found this page !

I like to have fun when I work. I know…shocking isn’t it…it must mean I don’t care, right…?

Those of you who have worked with me know nothing could be further from the truth.

So here it is then…the big reveal.

What is NETSCENDENCE ? Why did I call my company NETSCENDENCE ? What does NETSCENDENCE even mean ?

Netscendence – a dictionary definition

noun [ U ] formal UK /netˈsen.dəns/ US /netˈsen.dəns/

A technological experience that goes past the normal expected limits, or the ability to achieve this experience.

Common examples of usage…

  • I have a need for technological transformation that can only be brought about by Netscendence.
  • The persistent focus to achieve success during the delivery of our project was something that could only be described as Netscendence.
  • Some people get what they want, others get what they deserve, and the lucky few experience Netscendence.

Thesaurus: synonyms and related words

  • criticality
  • focus
  • gravitas
  • importance
  • pertinence
  • performance
  • pre-eminence
  • status
  • substance
  • urgency
  • value
  • worth

And there you have it. If the domain you want to register isn’t available, then find a way to create it’s equivalent. I quite liked the film “Transcendence”, and there is something about transcending the norms of ICT delivery that motivates me. So remove the “TRAN”, stick a “NET” at the front and job’s a good’un.

Keep going till the objectives are achieved and the job is a success, whatever that takes. Make up a new word if needs be…assuming there’s no risk..reputational, financial or otherwise, in doing so ?.

And that pretty much sums up my approach.

“Don’t bring me problems, bring me solutions” as a former boss said to me way back when. So I did…and noticed he was happy…and then I realised that I was happy too !

I believe that the appropriate and measured use of the correct technology can make us humans happier at work and play. I don’t believe that technology for technology’s sake will have the same results. I occasionally use a pencil. Its OK to use a pencil. No seriously…it is OK ?

So call me or email solutions@netscendence.co.uk – to experience better delivery of your technology solutions, that returns real value for your investment.

And if I can’t make you happier I will give you a free pencil ??

Linda Rozer


John Mackenzy

(Hr Manager)

John Doe